With an aesthetic that is deeply rooted in pictorial art and documentary photography, Sander Buyck translates visual narratives into a personal artistic language. Rather than a mere representation, his photographs are a poetic transformation of reality.
Buyck (°1984) became interested in photography during his high school years. For his professional and artistic education, he attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent where he majored in photography.
Buyck is currently based in Kluisbergen, Flemish Ardennes. His artistic work takes shape as self-published artist books and exhibitions (listed below).
Commercially, Buyck’s subjects range from photojournalism (ID Photo Agency), to studio-work and architectural photography.
This website is an artistic portfolio, for other inquiries please contact via:
+32 (0)495764612


La Wallonie
Johan De Vos
Diamond Barway, Adivasi Christians in India
Idesbald Goddeeris / Professor KU Leuven
We meet in paradise
Alain Platel / Les Ballets C de la B
De harde schoonheid van mensen in de marge
Daan Raau / Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen
Between Martyr and Individual
Laurens Dhaenens / A Prior Magazine #22: Picasso in Palestine


Portus ganda X 9000, Gent, Belgium
Sander Buyck
Watermolenstraat 4, 9690 Kwaremont
+32 495 76 46 12