This is a temporary webshop to support the Kalbeliya community in Pushkar, Rajasthan.



Photographer Sander Buyck sells photographic prints of his stay with the Kalbeliya community. All profit will be used to send foodpacks to the Kalbeliya community in Pushkar that faces difficult times due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. This is a collaboration between Sander Buyck and Kalbeliya World.


The Kalbeliya community 

 Kalbeliya (Kal.bel.e.ya) a name of an ethnic community of yogis, musicians, dancers, craft artisans, and herbalists living in Rajasthan, India.  

 For centuries the community has been nomadic. Today, many still are and others live settled. The community is marginalized and faces barriers to living wages, access to resources, and inclusion. 

 Kalbeliya dance, created in the 1980s has become a low-wage income vehicle for female dancers who perform in the tourist and events industries. Most dancers are lead earners responsible for many family members in addition to being community leaders with support programs of their own.



Kalbeliya world

Kalbeliya World is a self-employment support program and start-up for-and-with Kalbeliya female artists to live-stream dance classes and cultural programs to the virtual global market. 

Most of the dance teachers have only a smartphone, many do not have wifi and some do not have electricity. With great feats, they are online for the first time. 

We provide zoom access, online registrations for students, global transactions, customer service, marketing, wifi, content development, digital upskilling, and a female tech buddy.

Solidarity projects are built into our model extending immediate support that benefits the Kalbeliya community such as emergency food packs and essential supplies. 

Kalbeliya World seeks to provide self-employment opportunities and stable incomes for the entire community.


Browse through the selection of 30 pictures and choose your favourite size and finish, there are 2 options:
A3 - a professional 297x420mm print
60x90cm - a professional print 
Prints are shipped worldwide protected in a tube. 
For other formats or any question:
get in touch:
(P) +32495764612
The photographer Sander Buyck

Graduated as a Master of Arts in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium; Sander Buyck examines the medium of photography by, on the one hand, analysing traditions ranging from romantic photography to documentary-like strategies, and on the other, by investigating the relation between photography and other media. Next to this ontological approach, which strongly focuses on the boundaries and the impact of the medium, his work examines the origins and the transformations of visual culture. Strongly focusing on non-Western visual cultures, Buyck endeavours to analyse the relation between the image and its context.


With an aesthetic that is deeply rooted in pictorial art and documentary photography, Sander Buyck translates visual narratives into a personal artistic language. Rather than a mere representation, the photographs are a poetic transformation of reality.