This is not a portfolio website, but a temporary webshop I created to clean my studio by selling prints and at the same time to overcome the inability to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Browse through the webshop by adding the prefered tag, eg Palestine, India, prints from the archive etc.
Prints are available starting from 100€ for an A4 baryta print.
Other standard sizes are 60x90cm and 110x160cm.
The large lightbox has the option to change the picture by printing any picture you like from my archive.
2 sizes of design lightboxes are available. 87x120cm and 69x47cm. 
All images are printed on high quality baryt paper and mounted on dibond, unless other materials are mentioned.
Delivery in East Flanders, Belgium is free for now!
I hope you enjoy browsing my work.


With an aesthetic that is deeply rooted in pictorial art and documentary photography, Sander Buyck translates visual narratives into a personal artistic language. Rather than a mere representation, the photographs are a poetic transformation of reality. 


Graduated as a Master of Arts in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium; Sander Buyck examines the medium of photography by, on the one hand, analysing traditions ranging from romantic photography to documentary-like strategies, and on the other, by investigating the relation between photography and other media. Next to this ontological approach, which strongly focuses on the boundaries and the impact of the medium, his work examines the origins and the transformations of visual culture. Strongly focusing on non-Western visual cultures, Buyck endeavours to analyse the relation between the image and its context.